V to the A to the D-E-R (Vader!) (jaina) wrote in trigun_pairings,
V to the A to the D-E-R (Vader!)

All boredom and not even remote productivity makes Jaina something something

Lately I've been thinking about certain crack!pairings.  You know, the ones that if mentioned should initially get laughed at because...ha, who would ever put those two (or three, or four) together?  And yet, sometime they just call to you.  If you're lucky, sometimes you can get people to write them for you.  (Icons for fic.  I hope rainjewel never figures out what a great deal I have going here.)  But it's not fair to just keep the crack!fic to yourself, so let's share links.

My current crack!pairing?  Wolfwood and Meryl.  Yeah, don't ask, I said it was cracked.  Amazingly, there is at least one v. good fic for them, and it is here.

Other people should share links to well-done crack!pairingfic.  Otherwise I'm gonna feel lonely up here.  Woe.
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