sumire (sumirechan) wrote in trigun_pairings,

FS: Trigun m/f doujinshi

Okay, this is the last time I spam the group. ^_^

Just wanted to let the m/f fans know that I put up a huge batch of hetero-coupling Trigun doujinshi for sale just now (and also a few new yaoi ones.)

My site:

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If I only had money...

I'm jobless, once again, right now. If this wasn't the case, I'd be buying some of those titles from you that I had an interest in before.

I hope I procure work before it's too late to be able to buy from you... (you said you were moving back to the U.S.)?
Yes, I'm moving in one week. Anything that's left unsold, I'll be shipping back home by slow boat, so I'll probably be selling them again in January.