Shadsie (lushdesolation) wrote in trigun_pairings,

A pairing I'm surprised not to see more of in fandom

Browsing Sumire-chan's doujinshi for sale, and reading about what all kinds of odd doujinshis are out there, and in my reading of fanfiction in the English-language fandom... there's a pairing I'm surprised to not see more of.

I'm wondering why I haven't seen any doujins of either "cute romance" or "all out smut" for - after all, it is a canon pairing:

Rem x Alex.

It would be fairly easy to write and/or draw, as we only have vague clues as to what Alex was like.

What we know from the anime is that he had hair like Vash's... (at least dub? I believe the Japanese has Rem mentioning Alex's hair as "curly" ). That Rem loved him very much, and that he seemed to impress upon her some of his noble values, and that he's... dead, died on Earth.

I don't see much Trigun prequel about Rem stories at all. Heck, I don't see many Rem-centric stories at all. It makes me wonder if I'm fandom's "major writer" for that - as I do write for her a lot.

I wrote one long prequel Rem x Alex fanfiction. I'm sure most here are familiar with it; "The Angel and the Warrior."

I'm just wondering why there isn't more of it out there.

Rem x Alex! OTP! *Grin*
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