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Upon A Dreaming World

A New Trigun Pairings Community

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This is a community for discussing all the wonderful pairings and pairing possibilities of Trigun.

Het, yaoi, yuri, and any other pairings are acceptable for discussion. Plausible or not, canon or AU from canon-all welcome.

So if you happen to like any pairing-as long as it involves characters from Trigun and characters from either Trigun or another anime of a similar nature (i.e. Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Gungrave, etc.) it is more than welcome for discussion here.

The only pairings that we request NOT be discussed are Mary Sues or Self Insertions. We really do not want to talk about why YOU think you would be great paired with your favorite bishounen. No. ^^

As for pics and fics, they are welcome here (I'm actually wanting someone to post a Knives/Legato pic that isn't abuse), but *please* keep such postings under PG-13, state your pairing, and warn for anything really *squicky.* Anything that doesn't meet these requests may be edited or removed. ^^

Other rules:

NO FLAMING. You may disagree with a pairing. You may rant on and slam a pairing. You may NOT personally attack a person who likes that pairing.

Trolling (i.e. posting things just to offend others or get a rise out of someone else) is unacceptable and trolls will be banned. I have enough of this over at the board I mod. It's not going to fly here.

Spamming depends on *what* you are spamming. Friendly spam (i.e. for your fanfictions or communities or the like) is welcome. Commercial spam and porn spam are bannable offenses.