Shadsie (lushdesolation) wrote in trigun_pairings,

Random Crack Pairing!

Here is your Random Crack Pairing for the month - or... whatever!

I've been wanting to write it ever since I saw it (like a month ago? *scratches head*) but have been too dang LAZY to post on the journal!

Inspired by my cats. They get on my bookshelf and knock things off... I have these Trigun mini-busts knocked off into my laundry basket...

I give you *drumroll*

Knives x Dominique!


I woke up one morning and saw that I had to, once again, search for my Trigun mini busts on my bedroom floor and in my laundry, where the cats knock them. -_-. While picking up my busts, I found... the Knives and Dominque heads having a torrid affair in my laundry!

Therefore, Knives x Dominique must be true! OMG! WTF! THEIR LOVE IS SO SPECIAL!
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