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A Trigun Pairing Overview?

Ok... so I got asked by this really nice poster (Ime something... I've forgotten the full username,) to do a summery of Trigun pairings, for those wanting to write Trigun Fanfic. And guess what? I did it! Now, before I start one tiny warning...
This is all *my opinion!* Alright? It's about what *I* think and percieve. That doesn't make me right. I don't want to be flamed for not having faith that Meryl/Midvalley is the One True Pairing. Nor do I want to be bashed about the head for being keen on Vash/Meryl. I don't mind arguments, I *love* friendly arguments, but as I said, this is just my opinion. Feel free to try and sway me, but not to berate me, OK? Thanks, I just want to cover my butt there.
BTW, if this topic causes too many problems, ect, then I shall delete it. I've no desire to be banned from thie forum.

Thank you all. Click benieth the cut for my mini essay!

Trigun Pairings…

Please Note: All pairings are dependent upon situation and the skill of an author. A good pairing’s author, e.g. Rosehip Tea can pull some remarkable romances off, but many other authors, alas, end up with less… convincing relationships. Please also note that all of this is coloured by my own opinion, I am not God, I am not always right, and I’m eager to be proved wrong.

*****: A highly likely pairing, backed up by cannon and thus very easy to write and quite popular with many fans.
**** A pairing very much hinted in cannon, if not outright stated. Generally easy to write but it must be taken with a pinch of salt, as it were.
*** A pairing with some, possible cannon backing, if one looks at it the right way. Should be treated with some care, but makes for interesting fic if done correctly.
**: A pairing with hardly any cannon backing, pretty unlikely, for experience authors who know what their doing and are sure of their characterisation/plot. Has huge potential to be really bad!
* VERY unlikely, should only be attempted by those very sure of themselves, not recommended at all.

Vash and Meryl *****
Pretty much a core cannon pairing, at least as far as the anime goes. This is fairly basic, though often badly done. It’s good for a novice writer, but I would put in two points… a) Although Meryl’s interest in Vash is certain, his interest in her is less so. Indeed, as far as Vash is concerned, this is more worthy of four stars than five. b) Meryl is somewhat… emotionally repressed. Sudden declarations of love may prove rather out of character unless handled spectacularly well.

Vash and Millie: **
Certainly NOT a cannon pairing. Although this certainly holds some promise, (they do have much in common after all,) it would be a VERY difficult one to pull off. Because of both Meryl and Wolfwood. One would have to find a way of getting rid of Meryl AND somehow allowing for Millie to recover from Wolfwood’s death. In short this is a highly improbable pairing and would require very careful handling and excellent writing to pull off…

Vash and Wolfwood: ****
A Fanon favourite and not entirely unsuited to cannon, either. Possibly one of the more likely of the slash pairings, Wolfwood and Vash’s friendship is certainly deep enough to appear romantic, if not being romantic in itself. Of all the slash pairings, this is possibly the first or second most likely, IMO. Beware of several notations, a) don’t get mushy, certainly not on Wolfwood’s side, it is rather OOC. b) The same goes for Vash, huge weepy scenes have been done again and again, it’s not manly and it’s generally not very well done. c) To stick within cannon, the girls should not know, otherwise it would put a dampener on their own romance plotlines. And don’t forget, ideally this paring should be handled with a heavy dose of angst. It generally seems more realistic that way… But other genres are, of course, entirely possible.

Vash and Knives: ***
A pairing many would shirk from, and understandably so. This, I must confess, is a personal favourite of mine as it tends to suit Knives character fairly well. I find it hard to imagine him having a ‘romantic’ interest in anyone other than Vash. I’ll say nothing much else except that this is generally more suited to a one way relationship, there’s very little, if any, chance that Vash would ever reciprocate those feelings… or not after he’d been influenced by humanity for any time anyway. (It’s possible something happened whilst they were out in the desert, they were adolescents after all and had a limited knowledge of human customs and taboos.) With this exception, however, it should generally be one way. Still, the taboo nature of this, its dark context and situation matter means that I would generally only recommend this to fairly established/talented/confident fanfic authors.

Vash and Legato **
VERY unlikely, only Vash/Legato’s Hand works this way, and if you don’t know what I’m referring to there, you really don’t want to. The chance of Vash feeling anything other than loathing for Legato is so unlikely as to be ridiculous. Legato feeling anything for Vash? Well, he is a plant, and related to Knives… but then Legato has voiced loathing for Vash on several occasions… and then *again* Legato is one fairly screwed up individual… I think it’s a highly unlikely combination, but can be done by a talented author.

Vash and Midvalley: *
Hah! Not a chance. No cannon evidence and, unless something *VERY* strange happens, I can’t see it ever occurring, to be frank.

Vash and Anyone Else… *****
Oddly enough this encapsulates the most valid and important pairing in the Trigun Cannon. Vash and Rem. We *know* Vash loves Rem, it’s central to his characterisation. How he loves him is a matter of debate. Reviving dead characters is a well used Trigun cliché, but a necessary one if one wishes to use this pairing in a romantic fashion. Personally, I’m unsure of this pairing as it smacks a bit of an oedipal relationship, which squicks me a little, I must confess. But, once more, it is not entirely ridiculous as a possible romance.
A different look at this is, in my opinion, on of the most backed up romances on Trigun for Vash. The romance which is… Vash and Nobody. Because I do think that there’s an argument to say that, after loosing Rem, and because he idolises her so much, Vash is almost incapable of loving anyone else fully. He only really shows even the vaguest attraction to Meryl after seeing Rem in her. In short don’t be afraid of not pairing Vash at all, there’s a certain tragic beauty to someone who’s lost their love so early in life that they can’t love anyone else…


Wolfwood and Millie: *****
A definite cannon pairing. Easy to do, fun to write, and with definite possibilities. This comes highly recommended as a) surprisingly few people write it as a main plot line, and b) because it can be handled so many ways, from the inherent comedy that is Millie to the deep, painful angst which is Wolfwood. Though Wolfwood’s death means that it’s hard to continue this outside the cannon timeline without serious revival issues, it should be fun to write anyway. After all, if enough people are happy to write Vash and Wolfwood, what’s so wrong with poor ol’ Millie?

Wolfwood and Meryl: **
I see no reason for this pairing… Even though I wrote it once myself but it was only a one night stand… so there! But seriously folks, this is highly unlikely, don’t do it unless you’re very confident and have a good plot line to back you up. It’s the equivalent of Vash/Millie, with the added problem that Wolfwood is dead and Meryl is in love with Vash.

Wolfwood and Knives: *
Very, very, very, very, very little chance. In Anime cannon there’s not even any evidence that they ever met! I suppose this *might* be handled in a ‘squicky’ or ‘rape’ manner, but personally I find this highly unlikely. Don’t try it unless you’re *really* sure of what you’re doing. It’s probably horrendously OOC for both characters involved.

Wolfwood and Legato: *
Again I doubt it. Legato is too twisted up in his beloved Master and Wolfwood… Nah. I suppose it’s mildly more probably than Wolfwood and Knives, as at least Wolfwood has probably met Legato.

Wolfwood and Midvalley: *** (if used in Manga verse, otherwise ** to *).
Unlikely in the anime, but with some possibilities if one is working off Manga verse. I’m giving this three stars because I have seen this handled well in a lot of fics, so I’m keeping my mind open. But once more it should be treated VERY carefully.

Wolfwood and Anyone Else… *
I can’t honestly think of any other pairings for this guy, so I’m giving this one star. However, I could be proved wrong. There may bet be a Wolfwood/Frank Marlon fic which blows my socks off with its characterisation and believability. I doubt it, though.


Meryl and Millie ***
Um… not an often seen pairing, but not the most unbelievable. Quite likely, in fact, as far as Slash fics go. Again I think if this was done it would almost have to be pre-anime, but I doubt it’s the most reliable of pairings. Give it a go, it could be fun, but try to tread carefully.

Meryl and Knives ***
No interaction is seen with this pairing, but it is used often because of all the ‘Knives recovering,’ fics that are about. When considering such pairings one has only personality to consider, rather than cannon evidence. This is a concept worth remembering for Knives/Millie also.
So… is it likely? Well, it makes a cool plot, love triangles are always fun. But I don’t think it’s all that probable. Because a) Meryl loves Vash, so why would she go after Knives? b) Meryl is less forgiving that Millie or Vash, and she still sees things with a certain black and white quality to them. I think that, even after Knives awoke, she’d still distrust him and certainly wouldn’t fall head over heels at him at first sight. c) Perhaps most importantly, Trigun tends to favour opposite relationship mixes. Opposites attracting, as it were. Whilst Knives certainly isn’t utterly rational, he does fall on that side of the boundary. He’s more similar to Meryl than he is to Millie so, if the pattern holds, he’s more likely to fall for Millie than for Meryl. This, of course, isn’t to say that this pairing is impossible, it really isn’t. And it does make for some fun stories, if it’s done well. Also, there is some amount of personal opinion involved. So I’m going to give this equal weight in stars to the Millie/Knives relationship, even though I *do* consider that one more likely. However, please note the following... The plot of “Knives falls for Meryl and thus sees that humans are good,” or “Knives is redeemed by love” plot line is HEAVILY over used and very clichéd, I DO NOT recommend it as a central point in any fic! Be warned.

Meryl and Legato: *
Again, most unlikely. Because I can’t see Legato loving anyone else but perhaps Knives or, if one is feeling particularly twisted, Vash. And also because I see no way in hell that Meryl would ever care for such a crazed psychopath. Besides, there is no cannon interaction between them and Legato is dead as a door nail. In short, not a chance!

Meryl and Midvalley: *
Nope. No. Uh uh. No interaction, Midvalley is dead and they have almost nothing in common except hair colour.

Meryl and anyone else: *
See the answer for Wolfwood. I can’t honestly think that there’s anyone else who she’s shown to have a romantic interest with. But if someone else can prove me wrong…


Millie and Knives: ***
See my argument on Meryl/Knives for more info. To make a long story short, I personally consider this a tad more likely than Meryl/Knives, but that could just be personal taste. But even then it’s not without its pitfalls, a) Would Knives ever come to love a filthy human? And b) Could Millie ever get over Wolfwood? Much less come to love the one who was responsible for his death? I’ve no doubt she’d forgive Knives, Millie’s a very forgiving soul. But love? It has the potential to be an interesting relationship, but once more I warn you to be careful of the obvious clichés.

Millie and Legato. *
Nope. Not a chance.

Millie and Midvalley: *
Don’t make me laugh.

Millie and anyone else: *
I… can’t think of anyone. Basically Millie is very much Wolfwood’s girl; it’s hard to write her as anything else.


Knives and Legato: ***
Ah, another fan favourite and not a paring entirely impossible in cannon. Certainly, this is a highly probably pairing from Legato’s perspective. The most probable, in fact, as Knives is the only being he shows the smallest amount of affection towards. But from Knives perspective it is less so, holding all humans in contempt as he does. Yet, having said this, he did give Legato Vash’s arm, which might suggest an amount of affection. Certainly, with the exception of Vash and the other Plants, it is obvious that Legato is the only being on the face of GunSmoke Knives has any amount of tolerance for at all. Does this equal romance? I don’t know. Personally, I think any relationship between those two is almost certainly twisted; romance would be highly OOC, so fluffiness it right out of the window. BDSM, pain, and other forms of psychological torture, or just the plain release of lust, is more likely. A recommended slash paring for those not afraid of one sidedness, (from Legato’s part,) or from a bit of squicky-darkness. Just don’t have them declaring their undying love for one another, eh?

Knives and Midvalley. * (or ** if in Manga verse.)
I sincerely doubt it, there’s no anime cannon which even suggest that Knives cares a whit about Midvalley, and only a tiny amount, (more of a suggestion of contempt really,) that Midvalley thinks much of Knives. In the Manga things are a little different, as apparently in that Midvalley is part of some Plant worshiping cult. So things might be treated differently there. This is why I give it two stars. Otherwise I suggest one avoids it.

Knives and Anyone else: **
Really there’s very little to go on for Knives. There are the girls, Meryl and Millie of course, but that’s been covered above this in their sections. Knives and Vash are a possibility, as covered in the Vash section, but unless something very sick/bizarre happened on the SEEDS ship I doubt much else is likely. I’m giving these two stars because hey, someone might come up with something using one of the minor characters, but please remember the central problem with Knives. He hates humans, which kind of puts a dampener on his love life, when you think about it. There are so many trashy Knives pairings about that it’s hard to do this convincingly and originally. Be aware of this when you write.


Legato and Midvalley: **
This pair seems to share a lot of screen time, so this is actually a not entirely impossible pairing, though it must be carefully handled. There’s no hint of romance in the actual dialogue, but I think there’s a possibility of twisting it so it could be there. With the possible exception of Midvalley/Wolfwood when working in the Manga verse, I think that Legato/Midvalley is the most likely of the Midvalley pairings, if not of the Legato pairings. But it is, I must repeat, heavily strained.

Legato and Anyone else: **
Not likely. I have seen a Dominique the Cyclops/Legato fic, (one sided, I must add,) and that was carried off well, so this gets an extra star there. But I once more must say that it’s highly strange. Like Knives, Legato holds all of humanity in contempt which makes any pairing highly problematical.


Midvalley and anyone else: ***
Our poor Horn Freak has been left for last, so this is all he gets, poor darling. Midvalley is often characterised as being bisexual, which is not an entirely laughable idea. Though he’s certainly not all out gay, the scenes with him and those women are proof enough of that. So… what about pairings? Well, Midvalley is a highly flirtatious character, which makes almost any pairing a little bit more likely; putting him with any of the Gung Ho Guns, for example, could work, if treated carefully. But I also think he’s a fairly shallow man, so I don’t consider it to be very fluffy or surface level. He seems like he’d be the sort of man motivated more by lust in his relationships than anything else, though it’s hard to tell with the small amount of screen time he gets. In short? Feel free to give it a go, but it is unlikely.

I can’t think of any main character romances off hand, though there are numerous back-up characters which could be made into possible pairings, especially as far as Vash goes. Send your suggestions on the back of an E-mail, as it were, and I’ll happily consider them.

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